SN3308 EHSI For Sale

We have a complete SN3308 with Version 2.30 WAAS capability for sale including accessories for installation: tray, backplate, connectors, spacers, pilot guide, data input jack, dimmer switch (potentiometer), and lamp replacement kit. Or, if you're upgrading from a non-WAAS unit and do not need the accessories, we will sell the unit by itself.

The unit displayed below shows the LPV annunciator and the vertical deviation bar (glideslope) when GPS mode is selected. The software upgrade, I believe, costs $1,700 from Sandel Avionics in addition to the $1,500 base repair fee (total, $3,200). Here you may own the Version 2.30 upgraded unit for less than half of this upgrade fee.

This 2001 article published in Aviation Consumer sang its praises and reported, then, on the $10,000 installed cost. Today, for the price of a Garmin G5 you can purchase and install the SN3308. And if you no longer need the wiring for VORs, ADFs, and Marker Beacons, then you may save some of your installation budget for other upgrades.

Or pay with Venmo to @DonShade and save $50.

Specify which option ($1850 for unit and accessories, or $1450 for unit only) in notes along with your shipping address.